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Introducing our law firm

Private equity. International trade.  Strategic solutions.

About Us

The Millar Group specializes in international trade, private equity and finance, government relations, and strategic communications. 


We leverage our unique expertise to provide business solutions to partners and stakeholders across the private, government, academic and non-profit sectors.

What We Do

With decades of combined experience in corporate strategy, finance, media and government relations, we provide solutions to mission-critical challenges facing our projects and our partners each and every day.

The Millar Group mobilizes strategic teams and contractors on a per-project and ad hoc basis. We have an extensive network of individuals for ready engagement in project and contract management, vendor and purchaser relations, corporate finance, consulting, and logistics.

We have had significant involvement in all aspects of international trade in the private sector and with domestic and international governments, and have underwritten procurement projects with values of $25M-$100M USD.

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